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Founded in 2010, LA Activist is a news media outlet dedicated to covering the various campaigns for social and political change in Los Angeles. It exists to give a voice to activists.

In general, we believe activists are under-reported, under-valued and marginalized in the mainstream media. However, much of what we have to be thankful for in the United States comes from the hard work of activists. Change in the interest of the public good rarely comes from the government or corporations, but from individuals within the society.

LA Activist has no affiliation with any activist or advocacy group. This website does not serve to tell the public how to feel, but show the facts and particulars behind activist actions in Los Angeles. Power is with the readers and what they seek to do with the information within.

Although LA Activist exists to give a voice to activists, it also aims to search out the rebuttals, the replies and the responses to these catalysts. The opposing forces, and their perspective, is just as critical in assessing the true solution to our society’s problems.

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